Any suggestions on how to tag sensor position?

I have about 40 sensors that are going to be used to monitor compost temperatures. The compost facility has 8 rows of compost piles, so there will be 5 sensors per row. Each row will be started at a different time and a slightly different mix of materials, so it’s important to know what row each sensor is in.

Ideally, the sensors would always be used in the same row, but in case they need to get moved around I need a way to tag what sensor is in what row. I am using the Influxdb integration to capture the sensor data, so it would best to include this “tag” in there.

I was thinking of making a simple webpage with a form where users could change what row a device is in, but I’m not entirely sure how to integrate that solution. Are there any other suggestions or thoughts as to how I could accomplish this?

I’m not sure if this suits your use-case, but you could use the device tags for storing additional information.

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That works for my use-case. Thanks for the suggestion!

When tagging sensor positions, consider using descriptive labels or codes that indicate the sensor’s location relative to the object or environment being monitored, such as “front-left,” “rear-right,” or specific coordinates. Additionally, documenting the orientation and mounting method can provide context for accurate positioning.

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