Apache Proxypass


I was trying to configure HTTPS for application server and only info I found was with NGINX. However, I have never used NGINX before so I am a bit confused on this. The script to generate keys and example config did not work for me because I am sure I misconfigured something. If there is a detailed guide somewhere on how to correctly set it up step by step, please do share and I will try again to see what I missed.

Now, I would like to use Apache since I have at least some experience with it and I can easily set up certbot to auto renew Let’s Encrypt cert. Is there a guide somewhere which could help with this or any example configs?

I solved my own issue with setting up reverse proxy on NGINX without SSL, and after that I simply used certbot which configured SSL and everything works now. :slight_smile:

can i have a guide what youve done same problem here…