/api/devices - Rest API error

Hi !
I am getting:
‘{“error”:“uuid: incorrect UUID length: Lansitec-LoRa-BLE-Beacon”,“message”:“uuid: incorrect UUID length: Lansitec-LoRa-BLE-Beacon”,“code”:3,“details”:[]}’

when I posted:

“device”: {
“applicationID”: “1”,
“description”: “testx”,
“devEUI”: “0083d5a4d4100001”,
“deviceProfileID”: “Lansitec BLE Bridge”,
“name”: “test-1”,
“referenceAltitude”: 0,
“skipFCntCheck”: true

This must be the ID (UUID) of your device-profile, not the name.

Thank you, how do I get the uuid from the front-end, ?

Is it the guuid in the url when we select the device profile ?

Thanks Its worked, when I used the guuid in the device profile in the URL