API error when activating an OOTA/ABP when restoring device

loraserver version
lora-app-server version


  1. The device-profile has the “Device supports OTAA” option enabled and works ok.
  2. I get the device data, the keys and the session data through the API
  3. I delete the LoraServer device
    Trying to restore the device
  4. I add the device and keys without problems.
  5. i get an error triying to activate the device with de API:

“error”: “node must be an ABP node”,
“message”: “node must be an ABP node”,
“code”: 9,
“details”: []
Response Code 412

Additional information:
On another LoRa server with a chirpstack version the activation has worked.

I need to restore device activation for my LoraServer, can anyone help me? Thank you very much.

The feature you are trying to use did not exist yet in the version you are using :slight_smile: You might want to upgrade to the latest versions first.

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