API: GET /api/network-servers gives: object does not exist

Hi all,

I am using docker to run ChirpStack. We use the Application Server API, but since we updated from LoRaServer to ChirpStack, the API gives a strange result.

API Call:


"error": "object does not exist",
"code": 5,
"message": "object does not exist",
"details": []

I am sure that there is at least one network server as the following API call still works:


"networkServer": {
    "id": "1",
    "name": "default-network-server",
    "server": "chirpstack-network-server:8000",
    "caCert": "",
    "tlsCert": "",
    "tlsKey": "",
    "routingProfileCACert": "",
    "routingProfileTLSCert": "",
    "routingProfileTLSKey": "",
    "gatewayDiscoveryEnabled": false,
    "gatewayDiscoveryInterval": 0,
    "gatewayDiscoveryTXFrequency": 0,
    "gatewayDiscoveryDR": 0
"createdAt": "2020-06-11T13:42:28.548529Z",
"updatedAt": "2020-06-18T08:47:48.322773Z",
"version": "3.9.0",
"region": "EU868"

Does anyone know why the first API call gives this result?

Thanks in advance!

login first to get JWT token

Hi eugenev,

I already got a JWT token (created in the new API menu in ChirpStack Application Server) and as you can see, the second API call has no problems.

I don’t think it is an authentication issue.

BTW, If you dont add a JWT token the error is different.

Default limit is 0.

Edit: Guess not, my bad.

The documentation does not state that the ‘limit’ querystring parameter is required. To be sure, I just executed the following api request with postman:
With the same result:
“error”: “object does not exist”,
“code”: 5,
“message”: “object does not exist”,
“details”: []

Today I tried again and discoverd the following:

When I create an API key in the Chirpstack Application Server (1) and use this for the authentication (2) then the API returns an error (3).

When I create a JWT using the ‘http://localhost:8080/api/internal/login’ endpoint, the same request returns the network servers:

It seems like that the API key created in the Chirpstack Application Server is not valid or working as expected. Can someone confirm this?

@brocaar Could this be a bug in the newly added ‘API keys’ feature in the Application Server?

Yes, that could be. Could you please create an issue at https://github.com/brocaar/chirpstack-network-server with the above info?

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Alright, I will do that.

I created an issue here:

Hopefully, someone can fix this.

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