API request to /api/gatways with error 401

Hello Community,

Using node red i am able to get a status of my gateway when i use …/api/gatways/ID
However got error 401 when i want to list all of my gateways , i am trying to do it exectuting …/api/gateways

Screen from my node red below, any advice ?

I’m not a Node RED person, but you have a leading slash on one but not the other, does that make a difference? Since you get a 200 calling by ID, it looks like your auth is correct.

Also, you might want to fix the spelling of gateways in your title and post body. It looks correct in your code.

@bconway no different if its with slash or not. I am able to list devices and send downlink using node red,so authorization is ok.
But the issue is when i want list gateways.