API - ServiceProfileService ([GET] /api/service-profiles)

Hello Together

I am working with the newest Chirpstack but when i use the API with the URL /api/service-profiles the answer ist always:

  "error": "subject must be user",
  "code": 2,
  "message": "subject must be user",
  "details": []

I tried it on two different Chirpstack Servers.

It is no matter what the Parameters are. I tried it with all different variants with Parameters.
With a Parameter set and with no Parameter set.

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Is this with an API key? If so, please create an issue on GitHub :slight_smile:


I created yesterday a Issue.

Thank you

I also face this issue on listing devices /api/devices/

For /api/devices, if you specify the applicationID, it will work. Seems like that’s supposed to be an optional field, so that might still be a bug, but in the meantime you can still work around it. I do this by getting a list of all applications, getting their ID numbers, then calling /api/devices on each ID separately. It’s janky, but it works.