App-server: jwt configuration problem

Sorry if I ask for help on a topic that has been partially treated …
I updated the lora-app-server and now it does not work anymore giving me the error: “jwt parse error: signature is invalid”
I generated the secret jwt with the command “openssl rand -base64 32” and inserted it into the “lora-app-server.toml” file in the variable jwt_secret = “…” (without =)
With the command: sudo systemctl status lora-app-server
I get the log:
2018-06-01T17: 21: 31 + 02: 00 “level = info msg =” finished streaming call with code Unauthenticated “error =” rpc error: code = Unauthenticated desc = authentication failed: jwt parse error: signature is invalid "grpc .code = Unauthenticated grpc.method = StreamEventLogs grpc.service = api.Device grpc.start

After I started to cry …

Something is trying to query the grpc api using an invalid jwt which is expected after you changed the secret to something else. try using the old secret or generate new tokens.

Hi, urbie_mk2, can you explain what does it mean - “Something”? I have the same log and i don’t have an idea where i have to put this jwt_token for remove this message from log file of lora-app-server?

the token is required for legitmae access to the api, so what happens someone doesnt have that token.
where you store the token is up to you.
DO you get that message involuntarily or do you try to access the api yourself and don’t know how to send the token ?

Hi, @urbie_mk2, in my case the message is coming involuntarily.

use tcpdump port 8080 to find the originating peer.