Appilcation name change

Why can’t we change the application name? It’s the one place in the CS where we can’t do this.

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It doesn’t appear the be implemented in the web UI, but it’s easy to do via the API:

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OK, but it’s a hole in the UX. We can add or delete, but we can’t edit.

Are you sure?

I looked and couldn’t find it. I was expecting an adit icon next to the app name. “Application Configuration” sounded like something different, but I guess that’s it.

OK, I found it, thank you. But… It’s not intuitive in the context of UX.

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It is the same for editing devices, gateways… I’m open to suggestions how this can be improved :slight_smile:

I don’t think we need to change it when I know how to change the application name. It looks consistent to me now.

On the other side, I think the object’s name is not a part of its configuration. So, the object name change action should be on the screen with the list of objects (a button like “change name” for each object row or one/double click on its name should open the edit object name possibility).

As you can see, I was not the only one who didn’t know how to change the application name.

In summary, a decision is on your side.

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