Application device not detected

device profile

Does anyone know why i cant get the chirpstack server to see my application?

This is my packet forwarder/gateway settings

pls help me i dont even know where i went wrong

I believe the issue is that AS923 only comes with two channels enabled as per LoRaWAN regional parameters, you must enable the channels you are using yourself: AS923 default frequencies - #3 by brocaar

  1. Actually, AS923 and AS923-2/3 can work fine with only 2 default frequencies.
    Other 6 frequencies are optional.

  2. Double check again if you want to use UDP packet forwarder OR MQTT packet forwarder. Not both.

  3. For Regional parameter revision, try to use RP002-1.0.3

I’m in US915 so I’m not familiar with AS923 and definitely could be wrong here but I assumed the “no channel available for frequency x” errors would be from missing channels in the region.toml file? But looking I also see “invalid device profile region” at the top of the logs, so theres probably a misconfiguration of the device profile settings.

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i just swapped from AS923-3 to AS923 and it works a my rak gateway is on AS923 channel