Application Integration Logs

not sure if theres a feature request board anywhere but a big one we’re seeing from users is the lack of an application integration log. How can they tell if the data was sent, or went missing? we’re having reports of users not receiving and its hard to trace, with the user themselves seeing no response.


The latest release contains quite some logging improvements to make it easier to aggregate the log-output of the chirpstack process.

One of my clients is solving this issue by aggregating all the log output into a database, using the identifiers in the logs as indices to filter on. This way they can see the full log per DevEUI, Uplink ID, etc. For this reason ChirpStack provides a json=true option for logging, such that it will be easier to parse the log output.

Is it possible to get something like this into the device event log on the webui? Showing something similar to what a bad uplink codec does. If it was just something like ‘http integration failed 400’ for example.