Application layer clock synchronization

Hi everybody.
I’m trying to use the application layer clock synchronization. I actived it on my device on port 202. I see the uplink request, it does it three times every 128s and i get a downlink only after the first, but my device doesn’t receive anything. In the captures you can see the uplink and downlink of the first request. If I manually schedule a normal downlink I correctly receive it and can read data from the device. I am using a LR1110 in classA.
Thanks in Advance!


Initially this was handled by the ChirpStack Application Server, but this has been taken out. If you want to respond to application-layer clock sync, you either need to use the or implement your own answering to these commands.

Thank you. Instead how lora cloud integration works? I enabled the integration and I see an integration event on the device log like the one i attached, after every uplink, but it seems that no downlink happens on this case. It is possible to send what i received from lora cloud down to the end- node?