Application Server Integration gRPC Java HTTP

Hi Team,
I require guidance to get device data in my Java application using gRPC HTTP Integration. Currently, I have added the protobuf->as->external -> api->as.proto and other proto file in my java project. I have tried to find samples especially in Java but I am having trouble with how to proceed further to fetch device data.

Any samples, steps and views are appreciated.

Thank you.

You could use one of the integrations to forward data to your Java application, e.g. the HTTP integration:

Hi Orne, thanks for your response.
But, I have read and compiled the proto file from the external/api/application.proto and device.proto.
I am able to login from my backend gRPC Java Project. I want to get device data to my application and enqueue(), deviceServiceGrpc gives me error.
Please help me out if there are any actual implemented options for reference.

Thank you.