Application Server PostgeSQL database error with no integration

The log of the Application Server shows the following error at 2 sec intervals.

Sep 28 21:22:04 linus-VirtualBox chirpstack-application-server[10668]: time="2022-09-28T21:22:04.674746313-04:00" level=warning msg="storage: ping PostgreSQL database error, will retry in 2s" error="dial tcp connect: connection refused"

I have not integrated this database, nor do I intend to use it in the future. Why is this warning generated?

# This is commented by #
# dsn="postgres://localhost/chirpstack_as?sslmode=disable"

# PostgreSQL is not integrated.  
  # Enabled integrations.

Note that the ChirpStack Application Server uses PostgreSQL to store most of the data, even if you are not using the PostgreSQL integration, PostgreSQL is still being used.

Hi brocaar,

So Application Server requires a postgres. I have an unrelated question if you don’t mind. Does the Application Server require a C.S. Network Server running along with it ? Or can they be used independently?