AppNonce / JoinNonce generation

From LoRaWAN 1.0.3+ the JoinNonce is incremented on every Join Accept, previously it was randomly generated if I’m not wrong.

In Chirpstack, depending on the LoRaWan version we choose on device profile, does this apply also ? I mean if we are in 1.0.3, is appNonce randomly generated ?

That’s for the devNonce,
My question is about the appNonce / joinNonce

In 1.0.3 spec

In 1.0.4 spec

If i understand well, « non repeating » is usually implemented by in increment (what i found in chiprstack code somewhere)

To ask my question differently : (1) is the appNonce / joinNonce calculated differently depending on the version selected in dev profile. (2) is that randomly calculated in 1.0.3 as the specs is requiring.

Not at the ChirpStack side. Currently ChirpStack only enforces that the DevNonce is unique, not if it is incremental or random. In the future this might change.

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