Approach to the Large size in Sensor Data

I would like to know the approch for large size of sensor data.

Example like ,If the LoRa packet payload is limited size 30 bytes LoRa packet but my sensor data payload is minimum 100 Bytes,
Do we need to split and the data payload at Sender side(LoRa Node ) and combined at receiver (LoRa Gateway) at side?
Can you please comment…

LoRaWAN dictates maximum message sizes. If you send message only on SF 7/8/9 you can just send 100 bytes. If you really need a higher SF you need to divide your data over multiple messages. If you were to do this you would divide the data at the lora node, and later combine the data in your own application, behind the network server.

However this decreases the chance of receiving a full measurement, if you really have that much data you should probably look for something other than LoRa.

As for the LoRaServer project I guess they handle packets as big as 242 bytes, the maximum message size on SF7 and SF8. But i didn’t test that.

Thank you for your valuable comment