Arduino-loraid - Simple LoRaWAN SDK Class A and C for Arduino/ESP8266 platform

Recently i found this library that is an open library for LoRaWAN much easier than the LMIC, this library by now is only for EU868 and AS923 and it supports class A and C, but im from mexico so… i need the US915 version i started the porting to US915 right here this library is under testing and development so feel free to do a fork, pull request or testing!


Can we send MAC command to the server using this library?

Has anyone tested this with loraserver?

He can someone explain me what kind of lorawan shield for arduino is ok for loraserver ?
I have an arduino application that read a value and I must send this value on larawan network: what is the good hardware for this need?

It does not matter, as long as it is compliant with the LoRaWAN protocol.

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Can you give me some tested examples ?

We dont support mac commands yet

Me and my team, we developed this library using a LoRaServer implementation with multitech gateways

in the repo there are some full examples