Ardunio Lib code for Lora B-L072Z-LRWAN1

I m new one for LoRa.i have STM32 Lora and Sigfox discovery board which is B-L072Z-LRWAN1, needed a Ardunio Lib for this can anyone help me to get this?

I want examples also like ping pong , AT commands etc

Not sure if this is any use:

I am using ARM mbed on that board, they have a very good LoRaWAN library for that with examples etc…


here a link which is an Arduino Core for STM32L0 based boards

I don’t know if AT command is supported but there are lot of example…

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Ping pong is LoRa, but not LoRaWan - you probably want the radiohead library for that, vs some version of Arduino-LMiC for LoRaWan

There would be no role for AT commands here, as there is no second processor to send them to, instead the software on the host processor needs to manage the bare radio itself via SPI register access.

Thanks for this link. its working.

now im facing another type of issue.
issue is communication between two boards is sometime happens ,sometime not happen …!
i checked all possibilities which i know like Reset firmware,delay,check code.but i didn’t find out any solution.any one can help me in this.

I trying to developed one lora interface lib which interface user application and existing stm32l072Z lib - (LoRaRadio.h)lib.In user application im just calling funcation data recived from lora and sending from lora.


That really doesn’t seem like a LoRaServer question, but rather a question about your unique project, and not even the LoRa aspects of it. You probably need to find a different place to ask about it, and when you do, you’ll need to include enough information about what you are doing (including key parts of the code) and an explanation of the failure for someone to be able to help you.

As a piece of general advice, using two MCUs which have to communicate can add a lot of unnecessary complexity…

Have you tried and solved to interface Arduino with stm32L072 ? I am facing the same project now.
Thank you for your help