Are { is_pending: false } queued items also counted?


Just wanted to know:

When issuing a device GetQueue with count_only: true;
will the result only return DeviceQueueItems with is_pending: true?
Or will it count all the DeviceQueueItems including the ones that are not pending anymore?

Thanks in advance!


As a follow up question:

  1. What does is_pending /Pending mean from a LNS perspective? true /“yes” means the message is to be processed, and false /“no” means the message has been processed?
  2. when requesting a device queue (on devices/<dev_eui>/queue ), would total_count include pending messages?

thanks in advance! (edited)

is_pending means that the queue item has been sent as downlink, but that it is pending (and blocking the next queue items from being sent) because a confirmation hasn’t been received yet (e.g. in Class-B/C ChirpStack will wait until it times out if no ack has been received before then). It is still counted in this case.

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