AS923-2 shows as EU868 on network server v3.15.3

I have an issue for v3.15.3.
In v3.15.3, the naming is changed to AS923-2 and AS923-3…
Therefore, I can not start network server with AS923_2. This is OK.

However, AS923-2 is incorrectly detected as EU868.
It should be displayed as EU868.
It seems that AS923-2 is not correctly detected.

---------- Detail logs ----------
My Chirpstack network server is 3.15.3. And my application server should be latest too as I upgraded both just now.
When I put AS923-2, I can start chirpstack-network server.

However, when I add it into ChirpStack Application server, the log in network server will show “msg=“unknown band to common name mapping” band_name=AS923-2”

sudo journalctl -f -n 100 -u chirpstack-network-server.service

Error message for AS923-2: “msg=“unknown band to common name mapping” band_name=AS923-2”

When I put AS923_2, I can not start the network server anymore. This is fine as AS923_X is renamed to AS923-X in v3.15.3.

Incorrect showing EU868 instead of AS923-2.

I think AS923-X is correct for v3.15.3? And the application server should say “AS923-2” instead of EU868?
Thanks a lot for helping.

In the progress to further debug, I’m not “Go” expert, so pardon me if I’m not right.

AS923-X seems to be defined here.

The definition of “common” seems to be here:

However, the URL “” is not accessible.

I find the definition of AS923-2 here

No idea if the definition of AS923-X is missing some where in v3.15.3?
Thanks a lot for any help.

AS923-2 is confirmed working with my AS923-2 gateway and device.
This is comestic issue only.