AS923 default frequencies

With my AS923 deployment i am only seeing 2 frequencies being used by my nodes - 923200000 and 923400000. The configuration documentation for the network-server states that extra channel configuration is only needed when support for additional channels (to the default) are required. My reading of the AS923 specification is that there are 8 default channels. Trying to follow the source code and looking in band_as923.go it appears only 2 default channels are defined? Assuming this was the case i tried to enter extra 6 channels of the regional spec using the [[network_server.network_settings.extra_channels]] configuration option. I then expected to see a CFLIST field generated in the join accept message for the node however it was not created (monitoring the lorawan dataframes for the node).

Is my interpretation right and i need to add the additional 6 channels to my configuration to use all the AS923 frequencies? If so why am i not seeing the CFLIST field in the JOIN ACCEPT message?

Thanks for any guidance on this.

I missed some earlier posts that partly address the issue. Looks like CFlist only support in lorawan 1.03 onwards. My devices (Pycom Lopy only support 1.02 lorawan). If that is true how do i enable the extra channels for use with my devices. My device firmware defines all 8 channels - it just looks like Chirpstack only supports 2 by default.

Thanks again.

You have to configure the additional [[network_server.network_settings.extra_channels]]. Then the ChirpStack Network Server will either send these as CFList or as mac-commands after an OTAA join.

Thanks. Made changes and all works well.


hi @brocaar,
refer to RP2-1.0.1 LoRaWAN® Regional Parameters wich saying that AS923-1 represents the original AS923 plan; AS923-2 shifts the plan down 1.8MHz and AS923-3 shifts the plan down 6.6MHz, how can i change the AS923 original default frequency to meet AS923-2 frequency plan??

sorry for not creating a new thread because i think its the same and relevant topic with AS923 default frequencies

This is not yet supported, would you mind creating an issue for this here:

That is the repository holding all the regional-parameter configs. If somebody would like to contribute, this would be a fairly easy contribution I think :slight_smile: