Hey everyone

I’m trying to config my NS to meet the my frequency plan.
As there is no already defined frequency plan that I can use, I’m trying to make changes in the AS923 band.

For the first step I’m trying to modify the default channels. My default channels are 917.3 and 917.5, which leads me to set the
AS923_FREQ_OFFSET_HZ to -5.9MHz (923,200,000 - 5,900,000 = 917,300,000 and 923,400,000 - 5,900,000 = 917,500,00).
Is there any way to do that by setting the AS923_FREQ_OFFSET? or is possible to change the default channels of the AS923 band?

Another question regarding the other frequencies. I’m planning to add Extra channel configuration so they can be added by the CFList, so should I keep the enabled_uplink_channels empty?