AS923 frequency plan: don't receive downlink packets

I’m running ABP class A device with AS923 frequency plan.
As descripted in the AS923 regional parameters, I use two channels: 923200000, 923400000 Hz.
I can see uplink packets on Chirspstack Application Server and I can see scheduled downlink packets queue, as well.
However, the downlink packets are not received by my device since somehow an error in the reception occurs (I use I-CUBE-LRWAN Expansion Package for STM32L0).

I’m able to run my application for EU868, US915, KR920 frequency plans. This problem occurs only with AS923 one.

You can see here my device profile configuration:

And here my uplink and downlink packets description:

Do you have any idea?

Thank you very much,

@brocaar do you have any idea?

I don’t know, there are various parts where a downlink can break:

  • Configuration issues
  • The gateway might not actually send your downlink
  • The device might be unable to receive it (out of range)
  • The device is able to receive it, but something is wrong in the firmware (e.g. incorrect timing)

@brocaar Hello, how are you? I’m having a similar problem, couldn’t you look at my topic please? , thank you in advance, I’m using the AU915 frequency plan.