AU_915_928 : wrong datarate in application server post

Hi, I found an issue (not critical) in post made by application server but it should be an issue in network server.
These are my versions:
chirpstack-network-server: 3.6.0
chirpstack-application-server: 3.7.0

On an uplink, this is “txinfo” part of post made by my gateway bridge:

In corresponding post on application side with metadata activated “txinfo” is:

So it seems that SF10/125K is converted in DR2 but in LoRaWAN specification for this region it is DR0.


this seems to me like an issue with your LoRaWAN specification, because I can see that SF10 is DR2 as ussual as in other regions (LoRaWAN-Regional-Parameters-v1.1rA):

2.5.3 AU915-928 Data Rate and End-point Output Power encoding
DR - Configuration
0 - LoRa: SF12 / 125 kHz
1 - LoRa: SF11 / 125 kHz
2 - LoRa: SF10 / 125 kHz

What specification / version are you referring to?

You are right ! In the specification I used datarates of AU915 was defined as US915… It is the companion document for regional parameters V1.0 for LoRaWAN specifications 1.0.2.
So my mistake, sorry for false notification and thank you !