AU915 Band configuration

Hello, How can I configure chirpstack for AU915MHz band, can someone help me with this information.

Morning - depends on what you need. I’m in AU915 myself.

I need to set the Chirpstack network server in AU915 MHz, but I don’t know how the .toml file need configure to work in this band. I starting using the Example for US915, but I need to work with frequencies between 915-928MHz. Maybe can you help me with the configurations that I need to set?

for me this was pretty much it in chirpstack-network-server.toml

160 # LoRaWAN regional band configuration.
161 #
162 # Note that you might want to consult the LoRaWAN Regional Parameters
163 # specification for valid values that apply to your region.
164 # See:
165 []
166 # LoRaWAN band to use.
167 #
168 # Valid values are:
169 # * AS923 (AS923 without frequency offset)
170 # * AS923-2 (AS923 with -1.80 MHz frequency offset)
171 # * AS923-3 (AS923 with -6.60 MHz frequency offset)
172 # * AS923-4 (AS923 with -5.90 MHz frequency offset)
173 # * AU915
174 # * CN470
175 # * CN779
176 # * EU433
177 # * EU868
178 # * IN865
179 # * KR920
180 # * RU864
181 # * US915
182 # * ISM2400 (LoRaWAN 2.4GHz: Physical Layer Proposal 2.4GHz | DEVELOPER PORTAL)
183 name="AU915"

ok I got it, how I set the bands, is in channels too? or maybe I need set the values

the bands are taken care of (I.E. 915-928MHz frequency band) and divided up between channel 0-71. So you don’t need to define “Channel 0 = 915.2MHz” and so on. You might need to tell chirpstack what channels your gateway uses though.

so I need only to select the channels for uplink like in US915 Example configuration:
enabled_uplink_channels=[0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 64]

and for downlink the same?

for the uplinks, I guess - depends on your gateway. The downlinks can be blank as AU915 doesn’t use separate frequency bands like some areas, it’s all contained within the 915-928MHz

You’re very welcome…

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I just finished to set my network server .toml file, on moday the next week my gateway arrives to me and I will set the frequencies of my network server. Thank you

Hi @grintech @dalmeidac - Im having a cow of a time getting gateways registered (i have a LPS8 & UG65) sometime the LP8 does but then then doesnt. Ive messed with everything in the toml files. connecting to the broker it seems to be registering the gateways under eu868. Chiprtack doesnt see the gateway as being connected all though its publishing to MQTT. Im happy to blow away the entire config run up a new VM etc. I have had good luck with external providers but want to run it all internally. I think I will be OK conce I can get a gateway reliable connected and a device approved OTTA but am fumbling around with too many variables at once I think. Have MileSight EM300/RAK76204 and some Netvox devices (all attempting to OTTA but not getting any further.) Any possibility of a remote session to kick me off? Using docker v4 image (even happy to send a Dans voucher your way)