Authentication failed: token contains an invalid number of segments

Hey brocaar. I have followed the procedure as stated in the documents, We are trying to give request through a POSTMAN. We have generated a token for LORA-APP-SERVER and the same token has been used for the header in Grpc-Metadata-Authorization. Although It throws an error stating it is invalid number of segements

Please note that the Authorization token is not the same as the JWT secret. The JWT secret is used to sign the JWT token. Please see and You could use the /api/internal/login API endpoint to generate a token.

Thank you so much. Your reply got us the JSON…

Hi brocaar. We’ve got the response but the result[] in JSON seemed to be empty.Please save the day again :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the respons attained in POSTMAN.

Please see the API documentation for this endpoint:

You need to provide the limit parameter (e.g. ?limit=10).