Auto forward non LoRaServer packages

Hi there,
I am currently running TTN and LoRaServer in parallel. My package forwarder is sending every package to TTN and localhost (LoRaServer). So TTN will see my private packages, eventually will discard them as the MIC will be wrong. Still this means that TTN has meta data and I create network load for TTN that is not needed.
Is there a setup to have LoRaServer auto forward packages that are not meant for LoRaServer to another address (e.g. TTN)? I guess this will add an additional delay in the forward path but it should still be fast enough.

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Maybe this could become a part of lora-packet-multiplexer?

Hey how did you implement the lora packet multiplexer?

I’ve an installation of loraserver from a year back… will just following the instructions in be sufficient?

I don’t want to mess things up, so confirming before deploying…

The problem with an idea such as this is what happens if both networks ask the gateway to transmit at the same time. At least one of the packets will not be transmitted.

Unfortunately there isn’t really a way for the gateway to say back to the server that “no, I can’t do that”.

Imagine both your shared gateway and someone else’s TTN-only gateway hear an uplink from a third party’s node. You receive it with a little bit better signal strength or SNR, so you are selected to reply - but you won’t, because you are sending a downlink to your own node at that time. Really TTN should have selected the other gateway that it can exclusively manage.

But there’s no way to “contribute” traffic while specifying that you cannot take a given reply.