AWS Ec2 Chirpstack

I started using a free istante Ec2 on AWS under ubuntu. When I click on the firefox web browser , the istance freeze and the only think i can do is to stop and restart the istance. Free plan has only 1GB ram. Do You know if I change ec2 plan ( 2 GB or 4 GB) I could solve opening the web browser and finally run chirpstak application server?


I don’t know, but why not try it yourself?

Than you Brocaar.
Now I have another issue:

When app and network server are running both on the same network where is the gateway, my UI shows Gateway running in last seen.
When app and network server are running both on an external cloud gateway is not seen.
Here are the setup:

Public ip (aws) used on gateway on port 1700:

Gateway reach the ipv4 address. I don’t why is not working when chirpstack app and network server are running in the cloud

Did you configure your EC2 to accept traffics on the port your gateway is transmitting through?

Here is the picture with the inbound rules


You need to open the 1700 UDP port instead of the TCP port.

I changed it, restart all the services, but still nothing.
Here the journal for application and network server:

Thank you sagarpatel, you saved me a lot of time.
I’ve found the issue with port 1700.
The instance was not linked to the right security group and port 1700 was not setup.

Than you again,