AWS integration


My loraserver and lora-app server are running perfectly in a local linux device. Now I want to integrate the setup with AWS for visualising the data. Is there a documentation or video that tells how to do this exactly?

Have any of you used any other visualisation tools to achieve this. ? Please share some pointers .


As AWS is not a single tool, could you share what components of AWS you would like to use? Quite recently I’ve added InfluxDB + Grafana integration for visualization:

Yes, I went through the InfluxDB documentation. Even though it seems the easiest way to implement it, the cost is on the high end post the trial period.

So I am first planning to try to send out the app server data through http integration to AWS, where I could get tools for visualization.

I would also like to try to use AWS mqtt broker itself, plus making the loraserver and lora app server on AWS cloud itself. Since I am quite new to LoRa AND Aws, I am not sure how this will pan out. But I think, the first way of pushing http integration data to AWS , Im hopeful of accomplishing.


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Hi, you did it? I’d like to do it.

No. I ended up doing it in thingsboard.