B-l072z-lrwan1 node code


I am new to Lora and am evaluating ChirpStack for an end to end solution.

I have an ST b-l072z-lrwan1 discovery node, Mulitech gateway and an Linux PC.

I am looking for some simple example code to get an ST b-l072z-lrwan1 discovery node to connect to a gateway and send some data, so I can everything setup and test right to MQTT Broker.

That board is one of the official targets in ST’s I-CUBE-LRWAN distribution.

I think it may also be supported via something in mbed.

Or you can look up the identity of the Murata radio+MCU module on it and search for other community originated solutions for that.

Great thanks, I have found an ‘end node’ sample in the ‘Cube’ sw, but am now trying to figure out how to build and download to the board…

I can open it in MBed but don’t seem to be able to build it, but can connect to the board
Using Keil I can open code build it but not download it…

Presumably if you want to go the mbed route you’d use mbed’s version of the lorawan setup rather than try to import st’s on your own.

If you’re doing a local build rather than using mbed, you probably want to use the board’s built in st/link debugger in conventional mode.

Though it’s possible you can get an output file compatible with drag and drop programming.

The thing to remember is that what you’re doing is perfectly ordinary and should be quite well covered by the documentation and getting started type guides…