Backup GatewayOS Config

Normally for RPi I use image-utils ( ), specifically the image-backup tool, to backup my RPis to an NFS share on my NAS.

With the different format of the GatewayOS (overlayfs) I’m not sure I can use that. And I can’t seem to SCP into it to copy files out either.

So that said - What do people do to backup their GatewayOS installs for disaster recovery - if anything?

Obviously I can pull the sd card and image it, but that takes downtime, which isn’t optimal.

Guess no one backs up their GatewayOS. Better hope the sd card or drive never gets corrupted I guess… :roll_eyes:

All overlay data is written into /data. I believe SCP should work without issues, one thing you might need to check is file permissions :slight_smile:


I was just coming back to post on this… After reading through a few OverlayFS forums, I think what could work is something like:

tar -cvpzf backup.tar.gz /data/upperdir
(or all of /data)

Then just move the file over to somewhere safe off-node. :+1:

After a restore you might need to reboot so that OverlayFS detects the changes, but you’ll find out soon enough :slight_smile:

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