Backup PostgreSQL and Redis databases

Hi @brocaar!

How can I release the backup of postgresql joined with redis. Because postgresql takes care of almost all info, but redis sets the activation nodes properties.

So if we have many nodes, as soon we got pg_dump at postgresql, the nodes wont be ativated so we will have to activation one by one.

The redis backups can work together?

Have you ever tested this, please?

Thank you in advance !!!

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You need to backup both database independently:

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Awesoe! Thanks again @brocaar!

Hi Rogerio,
I think you should set up Redis a little bit more for backing up, like adding ‘append only’ option or may be smth. else.
I did simple pg_dumpall and copied redis file (sudo cp /var/lib/redis/dump.rdb /home//redis-backup-001) but after system failure I restored backups and all my activation information gone for all sensors.
So you should check first if this is working for you when you are done.
Otherwise you may know about it when it is too late.


Hi iBrick, I have just the same case, so can You give me some advise how to setup Redis for restore activation information correctly?

You can turn on the AOF in your configuration file:

appendonly yes

I did it but actually didn’t had chance to check if it helps with failures

iBrick, thank You!
It works! but it is better before changing the config file to “appendonly=yes” and restarting the server you need to do it via console commands. Make the backup and only after that restart redis-server.
Thank You one more time )

You are welcome, thank you for checking this )