Bad debian package for armv6 (Raspberry Pi Zero W)

I was trying to install the Gateway Bridge on a Raspberry Pi Zero W and even succeeding with the easy install through “apt”, the program would always crash on start.

After having bigger problems building from source I stumbled upon a couple of other posts in this forum where other people were saying that it worked (version 2.5.1).

I then purged the “apt” installed package and tried the armv6.deb direct download, and installed it. The same problem happened.

Not giving up, I tried once more with the “apt” and this time I also downloaded the binary for armv6 to overwrite the installed binary in /usr/bin.

Bang! It worked!

It must be some sort of bug in the build chain for the debian packages. I have seen a similar problem, I believe in other project:

I hope it helps.