Basic Questions about Architecture

Hi everyone. Im new and im reading documents/pages for 2 days but still i have some dummy questions that confused me and i want to be sure.

  1. I will transmit data from gateway to server via GSM so i have to install gateway bridge on my gateway (Kerlink) right ?

  2. If yes As this documentsays Kerlink has ARM 926EJS core processor so this MCU is armV9 but when i entered the downloads page for gateway bridge there isnt precompiled binary file for armV9 which file i must use for kerlink gateway ?

  3. I will install PostgreSQL and Redis both lora server and app server. What kind of persist/non persist datas will saved on databases ? For example why lora app server needs postgreSQL or loraserver needs postgreSQL ?

  4. Can i split lora server and app server ? Because ı want to use 2 different machines for theese.

  5. Can i test just loraserver and app server without any gateway and any gateway settings before? Will i open web UI on this condition ?

We’re happy to help, but creating a single topic with a set of different questions does not help to keep the forum organized. Please follow the forum guidelines and create a topic which is descriptive and specific to a single question. I’m closing this topic.