Basicstation behind TLS offloading FW


We have a gateway bridge running and working fine in ws:// mode. We have an TLS offloading FW/proxy that we would like to use, but I can’t make it work. This is not a certificate error but rather that the gateway bridge is unaware that it uses wss://.

[TCE:INFO] Connecting to INFOS: wss://xxxxxx:443
[TCE:INFO] Infos: fcc2:3dff:xxxx:xxxx fcc2:3dff:xxxx:xxxx ws://xxxxxx:443/gateway/fcc23dfffxxxxxxxx
[AIO:DEBU] [3] ws_close reason=1000
[AIO:ERRO] Recv failed: SSL - The peer notified us that the connection is going to be closed

Is there any parameter to set to make this work?

If not, I just put the cert on the gw bridge, but I’d rather not …

Thanks for the good work!