Beginer's Lesson - deployment of LoRa Server components

Hi Community,

I am very new to the LoRa Technology.

I am planning to use Kerlink gateway with semtech packet forwarder.
Kerlnik gateway - To collect the data from LoRa mote device
WandBoard - To receive the LoRa data
The Kerlink gateway will be connected to my Wandboard(ARM based Linux Platform development board)

I am not getting a clear concept like what and all LoRa brocaar components need to be deployed in Kerlink Gateway and Wandboard platform to receive the Data from LoRa mote device

Whether the components need to be deployed in below manner.?
Kerlink Gateway - Packet forwarder(Semtech),LoRa Gateway Bridge.
Wandboard Side - LoRa Server and LoRa application server and one application to receive the LoRa data

Can you please comment.

Thank you in advance.

Please see for an installation guide. will give you a visual overview of how to deploy the components.

Okay. Thank you for your comment. I am checking the same