Best choice: TTN or LoraServer?


We want to setup a completely private network (should be easy to scale) for users to use in a relative broad scale.

The users should be able to create applications, setup gateways and everything that TTN offers today.

Is TTN + private backend something to look at? A post from one of the core-teams suggets if not wanting to intergate with TTN you should use LoraServer:

The problem with TTN is it’s rather bad documentation on how everything works after you setup the backend. It seems to offer no API for registering new applications or offer anything to use as a bridge from the server to the backend.

Anyone having experience with both of TTN and LoraServer?

This answer might completely surprise you, but I would recommend to use the LoRa Server project :wink:


But you could achieve the same thing with both TTN and LoraServer?

What you described it possible with the LoRa Server project :slight_smile:

Is it possible with the TTN network? If you have any experience.

The documentation is really lacking and it seems to target people who uses the community servers.

I don’t know, I never tried it.

YES! @gusseleet!

Just clone @brocaar 's loraserver-setup repository, change to your band as instructed and in that repos you can runvagrant up on terminal. It is the simplest way to try!

See at

LoRa Server is up! :rocket::artificial_satellite:


I am using node-red for IOT project. I have hosted node-red locally. I am controlling the devices and receiving sensors data using esp 8266 and sending and receiving data through mqtt using cloud mqtt. I wanna do the same stuff using LoRa mDot and LoRa conduit instead of using WiFi.
Any help would be appreciated.