Best practice of using JWT token?

Hello everyone,

I just read some articles about JWT token. Created my token on without expiration, and I’m using it to add devices and edit info about them. Right now I have not a lot users and I pretty sure even with low amount of users it is not good to use same JWT token for all the users(to send all POST requests). My questions:

  1. Is it really that bad that I’m using same JWT token for every user?
  2. If the answer to previous question is “Yes”, then how can I generate new token for every user?(I assume I need to use some libraries?
  3. Overall, maybe there is some widespread technique of using them?

I thinking to create unexpired token to every user on registration and then just store it in user DB. Any better suggestions?

BTW: What does adrInterval means? I see that is 0 that means that ADR turned off. But how it could be off if in uplinks from device i see ADR: true? Or device configured to work with ADR, but NS won’t give LinkADRReq?
P.S: I’m just looking for an advice :wink:
Best regards,
Oleg Somov