Best way to prevent overwritten gps data?


I have a gateway which doesn’t have a gps lock at the moment. As a result it transmit 0/0 as current coordinate. Is there any way to use the configured position instead of the “real” data? Unfortunately turning off the meta data is not an option, as I’m interested in the rf statistics.


You may set the fake_gps option to true and then provide hardcoded values for ref_latitude, ref_longitude and ref_altitude at the packet forwarder’s configuration (global_conf.json or local_conf.json).

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The manufacturer said there is no option in the config file, but I’ll give it a try.

Thank you for the suggestion

Just out of curiosity, which vendor (or what gateway) would that be?

Please note that in the latest LoRa Gateway Bridge version, lat / long / alt = 0 will be ignored :slight_smile: