Bosch Parking Sensor


I’m experiencing an issue with the Bosch Parking Sensor. Initially, we were able to establish a connection with the sensor using OTAA. However, after successfully sending data every minute, the sensor abruptly stops functioning. The sensor usualy stops sending data after 10-15 minutes.

It is hard to help without being able to reproduce the issue myself. What I would look into is:

  • Is it the device that stops sending, or are the uplinks still received by the gateway
  • In case the uplinks are still received by the gateway, then look at the ChirpStack logs
  • In case the uplinks are no longer received by the gateway, then check if the gateway channel-plan matches which the ChirpStack channel-plan.

The sensor stops sending, and there arent any uplink from the gateway.
The sensor fails to send data updates more frequently than once a day

And to mention the gateway is sendin uplinks regulary with other sensors.

You can check the manual of the sensor, some sensors may sleep for a while if no movement…

The sensor is NOT designed to send frequent messages, so likely there is a join problem - it retries 10 times and then gives up, waiting exponentially longer to retry. See communication manual, below.

The brochure mentions that device “sends daily heartbeat message”. And there appears to be a self-calibration during first 10 parking events.

Manual’s focus is on installation (12 of 18 pages) with very sparse info on how to configure it; maybe there is a separate document which describes Bosch lorawan details? Radiobridge does this.

Indeed, that IS the case: they have a separate lorawan communications manual.

Alas, sensors don’t appear to be offered for US915 so useless to me.

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