Bowan MiniHub Pro TBMH110 - Steup Guide

I have ChirpStack installed and trying to add Bowan MiniHub Pro TBMH110 gateway I think I’ve configured this correctly but ‘last seen’ is always never.

Having searched various posts there’s suggestions that this maybe similar to other makes and that people may have this working but I’ve not found anything that helps. My questions are:

  • Is the Bowan MiniHub Pro TBMH110 supported / will work with ChirpStack?
  • When configuring the the Gateway the Gateway EUI or Gateway ID?
  • If I should be using Gateway EUI should I use it as is or replace FF FE with 00 00?
  • ChirpStack hosted on a Ubuntu Linux machine is the any firewall or router items I need to check, both ChirpStack & Gateway on same internal network.
  • Is there any thing that needs changing or updating on the ChirpStack Network configuration file?
  • TBMH110 any settings relating to channels that need changing?

Thanks for any help, I was hoping this was going to be a simple task but failing.

  1. If it will support one of the packet forwarders that Chirpstack supports, it is likely supported. It probably wouldn’t have to be really treated any differently, from other LoRa gateways.
  2. The gateway EUI comes from your gateway and it is likely printed somewhere on your gateway.
  3. You shouldn’t have to change anything in the EUI, unless your manual tells you to do that. It has to be correct, otherwise messages from the gateway will be ignored.
  4. Do ensure that your Chirpstack gateway bridge is configured to fit the packet forwarder installed in your gateway. If you use the UDP packet fowarder and do configure additional channels, ensure that your configuration within the gateway does fit the channels you add into the network server’s configuration file.