Bridge start too early on Multitech conduit


I’m using Multitech Conduit AEP 5.3.3 with default embbeded Packet Forwarder to port 1700 + Cellular 4G + OpenVPN client.

I installed Bridge. Everything work smooth, until restart.

It appear that the bridge is starting too early.

Here is my fix:

cd /etc/rc3.d/
sudo mv S20chirpstack-gateway-bridge S96chirpstack-gateway-bridge
cd /etc/rc5.d/
sudo mv S20chirpstack-gateway-bridge S96chirpstack-gateway-bridge

Maybe you can change this by default in next release ?



I’ve done the same thing in my deployment. rc method for those that are interested:

sudo update-rc.d -f chirpstack-gateway-bridge remove
sudo update-rc.d chirpstack-gateway-bridge defaults 96 96 (although I use 80 80)

Would you like to create a pull-request for this?

The script which is used for packaging can be found here:

Within the Docker Compose environment of that repo (docker-compose run --rm chirpstack-gateway-bridge bash), you can invoke that script with the version you want to package, e.g. ./ 3.11.0, which will create an .ipk for you.