Bug: Multicast Enqueue

Hii @brocaar

I have installed 2 Network Server on IN865

  1. First NS is on Default Configuration
  2. Another NS is RX2DR = 5

we have installed 1 Application Server and Added Both NS.
We have installed 1 gateway in 1st NS (Default Configuration)

we have added one device on Another NS is RX2DR=5 and created one Multicast group for this device.

When I send multicast downlink using SWAGGER API it will return below error.

enqueue multicast-group queue-item error: enqueue multicast-queue item error: rpc error: code = NotFound desc = object does not exist (code: 13)

I have debugged issue.

NS server return error due to GW foreign key configured in multicast_queue table

Can you please give us any solution?

But according to your above description, NS2 (RX2DR=5) has no gateway configured. I don’t know about the rest of your configuration, but this might be your issue.

If this is a bug, then please note that the forum is not a good place for reporting bugs. Use GitHub issues instead (and even better, provide a pull-request with the fix :tada:) .

Created Bug on GitHub

I’ll close this topic then.

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