Build v4 without docker?

Hi folks, happy chirpstack v3 user here. I’m trying to move to v4, building from source under SmartOS. Building v3 under SmartOS is trivial, but with v4, building from source seems highly dependent upon docker. I’m not using docker at all here and have no plans to start. Is it possible to compile v4 without docker? If so, how? Any pointers or advice would be greatly appreciated.

           -Dave McGuire

The Docker build env is used to make it easier to use exactly the same environment for development, testing and building the releases. You can build v4 without Docker, but it means you need to install all requirements yourself.

Hi! Yes, I understand that. But it basically assumes “Linux”, which trades one set of dependencies for another, and takes the option away from the user.

Can you give me a bit of guidance for how to compile without Docker? With v3, it was as simple as typing “make”. The v4 Makefile seems to know nothing about anything outside of Docker.


Ah I understand. Please note that only the Makefile in the root uses the Compose commands, inside the ui and chirpstack folders you will find an other Makefile which can be used without Docker Compose.

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