Building ChirpStack integrations

I have a single channel gateway and 3 nodes where I use as hardware the TTGO ESP32 LORA, the devices are already added in the Chirpstack network server, the activation is through OTTA, also I have an integration with influxDB.
I am not very familiar with Lora technology and the platform but I am working on a sensor network project and I have to visualize my data in ThingSpeak.
I have three problems:

  1. How could I integrate ThingSpeak with chirpstack if the platform does not have this integration option.
  2. The GW receives information from other nodes that are not in my network, I am not sure why this is happening. It is configured with SF7 and data rate 125.
  1. You can always use the MQTT or HTTP integration and then build a service which will forward the data in the format as expected by the end-application. In you case this is ThingSpeak, but it could be any service…
  2. That is how LoRa gateways work, they forward what they receive as they don’t have knowledge which are your devices and which are not.