Building chirpstack server from source using docker-compose

Dear community,

I am new in docker. I tried building from source using docker-compose. I followed the following steps:

step 1: Download the chirpstack network server, application server and gateway bridge zip files from github.
step 2: Unzip them in Home directory
step 3: Get inside the chirpstack-gateway-bridge-master directory and run the command docker-compose run --rm chirpstack-gateway-bridge bash
step 4: Get inside the chirpstack-network-server-master directory and run the command docker-compose run --rm chirpstack-network-server bash
step 5: Get inside the chirpstack-application-server directory and run the command docker-compose run --rm chirpstack-application-server bash
Following containers are running on my system:

Screenshot from 2021-12-15 17-47-53

I am unable to access the chirpstack-application-server web interface. Did I complete all of the processes correctly, or do some more steps need to be completed? kindly help.

Actually I want to modify the ADR algorithm and I could not do it with ADR plugin option. The documentation is really good but steps needed to work with ADR plugin should have been given in more detail, as many people are facing issues.

Just a hint when you are compiling something you don’t know, look at the “CI-Files”.

The CI/CD pipeline does mostly what you want in an automated way. It’s always a good place to understand which requirements you need.

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