Building chirpstack server from source

Dear community,

I am trying to build the chirpstack server code from source. I followed the following steps:

step 1: Download the chirpstack network server, application server and gateway bridge zip files from github.

step 2: Unzip them in \usr directory

step 3: Install the dependencies (Go, node.js, Go protocol buffer support)

step 4: Get inside the chirpstack-network-server-master directory

step 5: Run the following commands (as suggested in Source - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN<sup>®</sup> Network Server):

install development requirements

make dev-requirements

run the tests

make test


make build

compile snapshot builds for supported architectures

make snapshot

While running the first command I got the following error:

Kindly let me know how to resolve the issue.

I recommend building with docker-compose before wading into bring-your-own-dependencies territory.

AS, for example:

Thank you for your reply. Actually, I am not familiar with docker. It would be helpful if you can suggest any alternative ways. Otherwise, Kindly suggest me a documentation/link to install the chirpstack server or similar server in my system using docker.

Hi @shubham1996

Please update go version on your machine and try again…

Currently, Chirpstack_Network_Server is using go v1.16

make dev-requirements
make build

@sagarpatel As you suggested, I updated the go version but still getting the same error.


please run the make build command and share output logs.

I think the fatal error is git error, so you can run the above command check…



network-server source successfully build you can find binary in build folder of project root directory

binary name: chirpstack-network-server