Bypass Network Server Check on Join?

Does anyone know of a way to bypass any checks in the network server for existing device EUI in loraserver_ns database on join? I am trying to set up my own join server proxy (which will create a device on join if not already existing) before handing off to LoRa App Server for remaining join activities. I have a join server configured but it does not seem to get called unless there’s already a record in loraserver_ns for the joining device EUI. On the other hand, I am attempting to use the LoRa App Server API for automatic device creation (which, behind the scenes, appears to include a call to create device in loraserver_ns) so it’s failing in my join server with a “record already exists” error.

I’d like to be able to let a new join through LoRa Server (even if device EUI is not recognized) so I can handle/manage automatic device creation in my join server proxy.

Thanks in advance for thoughts/assistance!

Great concept, I’m keen to hear how this turns out.