C# downlink with MQTT

Hello everyone, has anyone got downlink code sample for V4 with C#?


this is an example of how to structure a downlink msg using mqtt… you should be able to structure a send message using c# around this. just make sure the confirmed and fport and data to be sent are correct for your device.

mosquitto_pub -d -h mqtt.example.com -p 1883 -u <USERNAME> -P <PASSWORD> -t 'application/<TENANT_ID>/device/<DEVICE_EUI>/command/down' -m '{"devEui": "<DEVICE_EUI (must match mqtt topic)>", "confirmed": true, "fPort": 129, "data": "AgAHAAgBAwADAAF0Cg=="}'

Thanks @ccall48 it worked !

Can you share also downlink with mqtt please ?

glad it could help you.

also what do you mean by sharing the downlink via mqtt? that is a downlink via mqtt.

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