Ca_certificate Issue

Good morning, i am doing SSL on external API from application server, i have succescully configured the cert and key, but when you try to use it from postman it gives the next error;


But from the web server the certificate is fully working.

I think the problem is that there is no option to include the ca_cert on external api.

I need some help to find any solution, thanks in advice.

A ca_cert option would only be useful in case the server needs to validate a client-certificate, in which case the server validates that the client-cert is signed by the configured CA cert. For server-certificates this is not needed.

Thanks for your answer, so, ho do should i manage to make the certificate server full working from third party apps??

Have you configured a self-signed certificate or is the certificate signed by a trusted CA? In case of a self-signed certificate it is expected that you see these kind of errors. If you have configured a certificate signed by a trusted CA, you need to debug WHY the certificate is not considered valid. E.g. it could be a wrong system-time, incorrect hostname, machine with outdated CA bundle, …

It`s a certificate signed by a trusted CA, or it must be, i boutght it so it must be, i will check everything you say, thank you so much!